You Know What I Like - Designer Choice

You Know What I Like - Designer Choice

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Too many choices? Too many decisions to make today?  Let us take it from here. Leave it up to our experienced talented designers and we will create something in our style that will be sure to bring a smile.

Sweet & thoughtful - you want someone to know you’re thinking of them. Smaller glass leaf lined vase, mix of blooms - ideal for a desk or bedside  

Exquisite  & Meaningful - a little more impact - we may choose a clear leaf lined vase or something a little more unique for a vessel and fill it with a mix of seasonal blooms - ideal for a coffee table, small dining room table or a kitchen island  

Impressive & Beautiful - when you want to really impress - this is a statement piece. We use mixed blooms, add some of our unique elements and exotic blooms. These are hand crafted one of a kind pieces  -  ideal for a larger room or table, a large kitchen island or an event.   

*Optional: Note color preferences in notes (colorful & bright, pastel & soft or white & classic)

Or you can say “she loves purple” AND let us work our magic!