Flower of The Month Club

Offering an exciting membership of hand selected blossoms at market price. When Angela scours the fields and farms - you never know what perfectly delightful flowers she will bring back just for you...

Flowers are scientifically proven to create happiness and are an ideal gift or special treat for yourself, so why not spread a little bloomin' cheer?

Membership Options

Option 1: $25 bunches // 6 Months // pickup

Option 2: $25 bunches // 12 Months // pickup

Option 3: $50 bunches // 6 Months // pickup (or + Delivery Cost)

Option 4: $50 bunches // 6 Months // pickup (or + Delivery Cost)

Membership Details

See Calendar for designated pickup/delivery dates.

Please note - If you are unable to collect a particular month - just give us two weeks notice, or pay it forward to a friend!

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