Botanicals & Care Information

Congratulations on your beautiful plant!

You can be assured we strive to select and curate only the most unique, healthiest and viable botanicals and house plants available from our growers and use only the bet soil, and offer the supplies you need to keep your plant successful and happy.  

Plants are living things and require the proper amount of light and placed on a  suitable watering schedule for their success.  We have enclosed detailed plant care instructions to help you find the perfect spot in your home or office for your plant.

If you notice any issues or are not completely satisfied with your plant please contact us within 72 hours providing a photo or and any close ups of your plant issues - you may email or send to our cell phone.  Depending on the issue, we will either provide free consult to rectify the situation, or we will replace your plant with a similar plant of equal value or a plant better suited for your space.

Please note that like all living natural things, plants may have minor blemishes or slight imperfections and that is what gives them character and makes them unique and sometimes more resilient.

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'Angel Wings' likes medium to bright indirect light.  Soil is evenly moist.
If the top inch or two of the soil is dry to the touch, then it is time to water.

Begonia Maculotta - Wightii

'Polka dot begonia’ or ‘Spotted begonia’The spotted begonia likes bright indirect sunlight, but will survive in lower light situations. To avoid leaf burn, keep begonia out of direct afternoon sun. Water regularly for somewhat moist soil, but do not allow to sit in water. Feed a diluted liquid fertilizer every two weeks to encourage flowering and larger leaves.


These plants prefer bright indirect light (think of a rainforest floor).  Water once top inch and a half of medium is dry.  Bromeliads enjoy humidity and will benefit from misting or humidifier.  If left to sit in water, will rot.  Fertilize quarterly to promote blooms.



Calatheas love consistent moisture and temperatures.  They require bright indirect light.  These plants must have good drainage.  Leaves will go from laying down to erect throughout the day.


String of Hearts or Rosary Vine.  Very drought tolerant, allow soil to completely dry between watering.  Bright to direct sunlight.


This low maintenance plant does best in medium to bright indirect sunlight but will tolerate low light.

Over-watering causes root rot. Make sure the soil is 50-75% dry before watering. Water well, then allow to drain completely.

Echeveria Succulent

Potted Succulent

Avoid over watering.  Water every 7-10 days with 2-3 oz. water.  Place in warm sunny location.  Repot when overgrown.

Money Tree

Place in a spot with bright indirect light.  Too little light causes slow growth and yellowing of leaves.  When soil surface area is 50-75% dry, water thoroughly and allow to drain.  Money trees are non-toxic and pet friendly.


 Keep in a bright filtered light area.  Water weekly every 7-10 days with room temperature water.  Orchids are more likely to bloom if in an area where the temperature is cooler at night.

Zen Succulent Garden
Zen Succulent Garden

You have received a selection of mixed blooming and non-blooming succulents. Water evenly when the soil is dry to the touch. Do not allow plants to stand in water. They prefer bright diffused sunlight and a warm location.