Be My Valentine All Year Long ❤️
Be My Valentine All Year Long ❤️

Be My Valentine All Year Long ❤️

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Did you know that Rutger's University did a study and they found that flowers are SCIENTIFICALLY proven to make us HAPPIER!!!  Now thats easy ! Europeans know it - and they make it a part of their daily culture. I always say, "All it takes is one" - if you place a bloom by your bed, one in your bath, one by the kitchen sink, and as silly as it sounds maybe even in your laundry area - we guarantee you a smile or two!!!

Now imagine what you could do for yourself or someone else if you have a regular schedule of blooms that comes without thinking about it!  Just think about all the SMILES and HAPPINESS you can give on a REGULAR basis while you sit back and we do all the work!  

Its the Gift that keeps on Giving - Give the gift of fresh, beautiful flowers each and EVERY month for 6 months or 12 months with our Flower of the Month Subscription Service! We have memberships as low as $25 per month for pickup. 

 Purchase online and we will call you to confirm information 


Simply click HERE and fill out the form and someone from our team will be in touch with you about your gift! 

ps - thank you AH & JB for the wonderful photos each month of your FOM flowers and for being such a great support in this wonderful mission. 🌼