Grateful Peony 🍁

Grateful Peony 🍁

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This garden beauty is created in a copper compote pedestal and features a coral charm peony. Perfect for a large centerpiece for a large round or square table. Or wonderful for a buffet or island arrangement - and we mean the island in your kitchen. Your trip is coming soon enough. 

Blooms: Coral Charm Peony, coral roses, rose hips, peach germs, strawflower, solid aster, peach lege carnations, bronze mums, deep autumnal cymbidium orchids, green hydrangea, and lush berries.  

Flowers may vary seasonally due to availability but rest assured that our talented designers will select the most similar blooms to resemble this look.

Shown as $225 - approx 15-16" long and 12" high - you can see over it easily as a centerpiece and it is gorgeous and lush all the way around so everyone enjoys something beautiful.

We offer in two sizes - the larger show stopper comes in a larger compote as well. and is $300 - completed it is about 18'/20" and about 12/14" tall.